About Us

The Mill Street Story

For years, Katie and Lindsay had talked about starting an apparel and accessories brand that reflected their own styles – classic with an unexpected twist.

But when the time came to name it, they were stuck. Until, one day, on her drive home, Lindsay called Katie, and they began to reminisce about their long-time friendship. From their college days in the North Carolina mountains, to vacations in the Caribbean, to beginning the adventure of adulthood in Atlanta, Katie and Lindsay had traveled many roads together. But sometimes to find the answer, it’s not about looking back to the roads you’ve been. Rather, it’s about looking forward to the road ahead. And in this case, the road ahead of Lindsay happened to be called Mill Street. So they went with it.

Now, Katie and Lindsay are excited to introduce Mill Street, a boutique where you can always expect a little something unexpected. A carefully curated store that can provide women, who are stylish, social and always on-the-go, with a head-to-toe ensemble. From the smallest button detail to a conspicuous pop of color, every piece is hand selected because of a unique feature that sets it apart. And will, in turn, set you apart!